About Houston Seafood

At Houston Seafood, our actions are based on a consistent framework of principles.

We are committed to providing all of our customers with exactly what we say we are selling. While we may not sell the cheapest product, you can be assured that the seafood products you purchase are what they are supposed to be in all aspects, including quality, weight, count, species, and country of origin. Our team works hard to deliver the finest seafood to wholesalers around the world.

Houston Seafood is a direct importer of seafood from around the world. Although we are based in Houston, Texas we also have branch offices in China and Hong Kong. Our extensive experience in quality control and dedicated QA team allows us to maintain strong relationships with the largest packers and processors around the world.

A Strong, Stable Company

• Extensive Experience In Inventory Management To All Sectors (Wholesale, Operator, Retail)
• Close Relationships At the Point Of Supply
• National Relationships With Cold Storage Facilities
• Ability To Ship Regionally On Our Own Fleet
• Key Personnel With Over 100 Years Industry Experience
• Market & Merchandising Training At the site Level

• Supply Chain Solutions Based Upon Individual Customer Needs
• Extensive Product & Seasonal Knowledge
• Dedicated Logistics Personnel
• Product Knowledge & Market Resource
• Ability To Adapt & Adjust
• Source Specialized & Hard To Find Products
• Operate Our Own Cold Storage Facility In Houston


We have two warehousing and distribution facilities, both with freezer, fresh storage, and processing capabilities. Our fully-refrigerated facilities have more than 10 different temperature zones to ensure fully-integrated product receiving, storage, processing, and shipping. We are strategically located to optimally serve our entire customer base.
These facilities are supported by key global partnerships with producers in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. We have more than 75 employees as well as own and operate our own fleet with trucks of various sizes.

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